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Sunday, March 18, 2018

March Madness #19 VIVIEN LEIGH

Welcome to Day #19 of MARCH MADNESS!
Every day in March, ALL GOOD THINGS will highlight a Classic film Super-star, you know, the type renowned for really, really B.A.D. to sweetest-dearest-most darling!

DAY #18 results: FRED MacMURRAY seems to be equally loved whether playing tender or tough and it seems that his rougher-tougher WALTER NEFF won out by one vote.

TODAY the spotlight shines on VIVIEN LEIGH. Ethereal beauty, Vivien was beloved by her fans for her genteel Lamb-y characters, and equally for her LIONESS roles!
Which do you prefer: LION: rough n' tuff! or LAMB: Sweet & soulful?

1 comment:

Faith Girdler said...

Again, NOOOOOO contest!! "I can no sooner stand a naked light bulb than a rude word or a vulgar action!" "My name is Blanche Du Bois, Blanche means white, & Du Bois means wood, so the 2 together mean white wood, like an orchard in springtime!"
"Daylight never exposed so complete a ruin!"


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