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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March Madness #6: CARY GRANT

Welcome to Day 6 of MARCH MADNESS!
Every day one Super-star will be featured - a star that did many types of roles, from the really really BAD to the sweetest-dearest-most darling!
DAY 5 Results: Barbara Stanwyck's lovable-as-a-Lamb ELIZABETH LANE won out over her tougher side: Elizabeth Lane won 21 - 12 against that Phyllis Dietrichson, the killer in "Double Indemnity".
TODAY the spotlight shines on the glorious CARY GRANT. He did many roles, some so romantic or funny, others very intense! So, which roles of his do you prefer: LION: rough n' tuff! or LAMB: Sweet & soulful?

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