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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be My Guest: Tracy (Gilby 37) Part One

Here is part one of my discussion with my good friend Tracy. Tracy invited to contribute on the blog What We're Watching On TV late last year and we've been friends ever since.
 These are Tracy's answers to the first part of our month long Q&A.

Top 5 Actors/Actresses

1.) Bette Davis

2.) Humphrey Bogart

3.) Joseph Cotten

4.) William Powell

5.) Claudette Colbert
Why Bette Davis?
To me, Davis was bold and daring. She was willing to push the boundaries of what was perceived as traditional leading lady roles. Davis dared to play the aging Queen Elizabeth I in "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" despite the fact that she was only 31 years old! I believe her courage in taking on parts like Baby Jane Hudson and Charlotte Hollis opened the door for actresses to be the "leading lady" yet be older, weird, or just not likeable. I'm not sure Kathy Bates win an Oscar playing Annie Wilkes in "Misery" unless Davis had blazed the trail. I respect the fact that she could take the infamous "Job Wanted" ad in Variety in 1961 when she was finding it hard to get roles. It took guts to draw attention to the fact that Hollywood tended to ignore women of a certain age. Ultimately, I love that while Bette could transform herself into any character there was still a distinct piece of Bette that would shine through.

A great choice in Bette as your favorite Tracy. Can't wait to hear the rest of your answers.


Dawn said...

Gilby, like Monty...Can't wait to read the rest of your answers.

De Laberdesque :) said...

I love bette davis ♥ and I love this blog too :)


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