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Friday, July 16, 2010

INCEPTION is Amazing....

The new movie Inception from director Chris Nolan (The Dark Knight, Memento) opened today in theaters and I just saw it with some friends and it was amazing. It's the type of film where a review won't do it any justice. The story deals with dreams and the people that specialize in stealing information from people while they are dreaming. Leonardo DiCaprio is Dom Cobb, an extractor who is the best there is and has a team that takes on these high risk jobs. He is also a very conflicted man with a haunted past that eventually catches up to him. And the whole film has him trying to complete this one last job so he can get back to his old life. I think it's best if you go in cold to watch Inception. You don't want to know too much about it and then once it unfolds you will be just glued to your seat. The complex nature of the story really can't be described in words. So I will just use some adjectives to describe what I'm feeling after watching this movie. Like they do in the commercials. Brilliant! Mind-bending! Terrific performances! Best Film Of The Summer! Leo deserves an Oscar after this! Marion Cotillard is unbelievable! Sensational visual effects! Jaw dropping action sequences! A blast of pure genius from Nolan! I will say that the chase sequence involving a train through a downtown city is just awesome. There are several more engaging scenes that will remind you that there are some creative people still lurking in Hollywood. Inception is a major accomplishment and I truly believe that I won't see a better film for the rest of the year. That's not hyperbole, just a fact. It's already running through my head all the twists and turns and conundrums. I can't wait to see it again. As great as Nolan's Dark Knight was, I enjoyed Inception even more. That's saying a lot coming from a die hard comic and Batman fan.So after one viewing I give Inception an....


filmjunkie25 said...

I can not wait any longer for this film. It comes out in another five days here, and I am getting the shakes of excitement. My teachers will wonder what's up with me on Thursday! I can tell I won't be getting any work done that day.

Christopther Nolan is a genius, and with a cast like that, this is going to be the film of the year. Nice review.


Lexie said...

I cant wait to see it! Leo is great in everything and I have no doubts that he gave another wonderful performance. This review only makes me want to see it more.

Travis said...

I'm going to have to agree with you, Inception is a masterpiece. I've been lucky to get 2 viewings into my time off work since it's release. I think it's now fair to say(if you even doubted before) Christopher Nolan is at the top of his craft, and is among the best directors working in Hollywood today. One of today's best up and coming actors, Joseph Gordon Levitt, defies gravity in some of the most awe-inspiring moments I've seen in years.


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