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Monday, July 26, 2010

Debbie Reynolds - Classic Movie Goddess For July: The Essential Debbie Films

Hello everyone. As July is winding down, now is the part where I get to talk about the Classic Movie Goddess of the month essential films. These are the films that you should watch that showcases the actress at her very best. Well in my humble opinion. This month Debbie Reynolds was the CMG and here are my favorite films of hers and what I think make must see viewing to shows Debbie at her best.

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952) Without a doubt, the film that put Debbie on the map. As aspiring actress Kathy Selden, Debbie who was all of 21 years old, is terrific. And she more than holds her own with Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor in the film's many magical music moments. For her, the dance number Good Morning is just sensational.

SUSAN SLEPT HERE (1954) As by poll of favorite Debbie films can attest, Susan Slept Here is one of her best films. Reynolds as  teenage delinquent Susan Beaurgard (great name) who is foisted on the well-meaning Dick Powell, a writer, at Christmas. He wants inspiration for his writing, she wants a sugar daddy. Comic hi-jinks ensue. Debbie is delightfully spunky and funny in this one.

THE CATERED AFFAIR (1956) A change of pace role for diva Bette Davis, as she plays mother to Debbie's character Jane, who is about to get married. But as her family is so poor, trouble arises when the wedding costs become huge. This might be more of a film to watch for Bette Davis nuanced performance but Debbie is no slouch herself and does a commendable job with the legendary Davis.

TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR (1957) Unsophisticated young woman Tammy Tyree, who is from the Mississippi swamps falls in love with an unconventional southern gentlemen played by Leslie Nielsen. She nurses him back to health after a plane crash and tries to win over his family at their planatation.

THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN (1964) The role for which Debbie received her only Oscar nomination as would be socialite Molly Brown who became a real life heroine during the sinking of the Titanic. Debbie goes all out in a terrific performance including a show stopping song of  I Ain't Down Yet.

THE RAT RACE (1960) Solid romantic comedy about an aspiring musician (Tony Curtis) who arrives in New York seeking fame and fortune. He meets dancer Peggy Brown (Reynolds) and watch out for the fireworks. For this film Reynolds got to act and look very sexy in several scenes. She will remind you of say Liz Taylor's performance in Butterfield 8.

THE GAZEBO (1959) A latter day screwball comedy involving blackmail, a corpse, gangsters, and a gazebo. Perfect chemistry between co-stars Glenn Ford and Debbie Reynolds.

Other notable films include The Tender Trap, The Pleasure Of His Company with Fred Astaire, Bundle of Joy, I Love Melvin and so many more.


Tom said...

Very good list Monty. Also, "Mother" is a very enjoyable film.

Anonymous said...

Hey i really liked your blog....Must say a nice work ! And i m very excited to watch all good things movie.In fact when i have seen its trailer, my excitement has been increased more.


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