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Monday, August 16, 2010

Be My Guest - Laura (Part 3)

Here is my final part to my chat with guest of the month Laura from her wonderful blog Laura's Miscellaneous Musings.

Monty: Any current stars catch your fancy, if so who are they?
Laura: I like Julia Roberts a great deal and will usually try out her movies. She's always interesting and seems to do a good job selecting her projects. I also like that she has produced quality children's movies with the American Girl series.
Monty: I like Julia as well Laura

Monty: What is your favorite movie quote?
Laura: I've been pondering my favorite film quote and finding it hard to pull a quote out of the air, but the first thing that came to mind is "Get it done, Johnny Reb!" from RIO GRANDE (1950), which we tend to say at our house when we're telling our kids to get a move on doing their chores. :)
Monty: I'm imagining you saying that your kids and I'm smiling.

Monty: If you could be any movie character, who would it be and why?
Laura: Another hard question...I'd probably want to be Esther Smith in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, so I could live in that beautiful house!
Monty: Cool. You can never wrong with Judy.

I like to thank Laura for being my guest this month as I
enjoyed her wonderful answers and entertaining stories.

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