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Monday, August 30, 2010

Why Sandra Bullock is awesome...

I loved Sandra ever since she did the television series based on the Melanie Griffith/Harrison Ford 1988 movie, Working Girl. Yeah, over 20 years ago. She just had that lovable presence in all her films that you just like being around her. Just look at my lead off picture of her and Betty White. You can't tell me it wouldn't be fun hanging out with Sandy. And Betty too for that matter. Even when she plays a not so nice character like she did in Crash a few years ago, you still sympathize with her. And after her banner year in 2009 with The Proposal and The Blind Side, her career has never been better. Her personal life has suffered thanks to her ex-husband piece of crap Jesse James, but she is better off with out him.
Sandra is by far, my most favorite modern actress, ahead of Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon. And like I stated earlier, I didn't just start like Sandy recently. Even before the Working Girl series (which lasted a short 12 episodes) I remember seeing her in The Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman reunion TV movie as Kate, a young woman with bionic abilities. She was cute and perky and I paid more attention to her than Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner. It was cool seeing this fresh faced new actress on the scene. Her stint on Working Girl may not have lasted long but it did show that she had some potential comedic skills.
 Her first film that I recall seeing her in was the comedy Love Potion No. 9 which had playing a grad research student who along with her lab partner stumble across this love potion that makes both of them attractive to everyone else. Once again Sandra got to show her improving comedic abilities. She would make several more films such as the intense thriller The Vanishing with Kiefer Sutherland and Jeff Bridges; When The Party's Over, and The Thing Called Love with the late River Phoenix.
 But she got her first taste of stardom with 1993's sci-fi action film Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. As police officer Lenina Huxley, Sandy didn't let the boys have all the fun as she got to fight, shoot guns, and drive really fast. This film would set her up for the film that would really put her on the map, Speed, which is one of my all time favorite films. This movie is so cool as it makes Keanu Reeves an action star, Dennis Hopper doing his very best bad guy thing, and Sandy driving the runaway bus while also providing the film's best lines. After Speed became one of the biggest hits during the summer of 1994, Sandy became a genuine movie star. 

The films during the period of 1995 - 2002 would make Sandy one of the biggest actresses in the world with films such as A Time To Kill, While You Were Sleeping, Hope Floats, Practical Magic, Two Week Notice, and Miss Congeniality. Her career cooled off a bit after that but she came back strong with Crash, giving one of her best dramatic performances ever. Even as an unsympathetic wife, you still felt for her and wished her well. I will skip over her years with James and move on to what would be a banner year for her in 2009. With the summer romantic comedy smash The Proposal (which is funny as hell) and the winter release The Blind Side (which I think is her best film performance). She was her first Oscar as Best Actress for The Blind Side. Some say it was given as a consolation prize for all the turmoil that she was facing in her personal life. I don't think so. I thought she gave a terrific performance and deserved the Oscar more than anyone else that year.

I think the reason why a lot of people love Sandra Bullock is because she is so easy going and regular. We can all relate to her. She seems like that person who you would love to just be with. She's beautiful, funny, and has an amazing and friendly personality. I think she has been through a lot over the last year but will come out a better and stronger person from it. I believe she will continue to deliver more great performances in great films in the coming years. Her next film will be a family drama, co-starring none other than Tom Hanks. Color me excited for that one. And I think I will start doing regular posts of her on my blog. Reviews of her films, posting pics and whatever else that catches my fancy. So I hope that most of my followers are fans of Sandra because she will become a regular topic here on All Good Things.


Lily Lemontree said...

I love Sandra and this is one follower who is definitely looking forward to more posts on her!!
Hope you are having a super week!

Matthew Coniam said...

I completely agree.
I can't think of anyone else around at the moment who not just combines comedy - often very broad and physical comedy - and drama - often highly emotive drama - so frequently and successfully, but is also so very adept at both, so that she could easily specialise in either. It's rare that an audience lets a star alternate in that way - they like to pigeonhole - and rarer still that the star has the talent to do it in the first place...
Another factor, I think, is that she is sexy enough for the most undemanding male, but also quirky and characterful in a way that appeals to women.
No matter how bad the film is, she makes it worth watching. Murder by Numbers is a good example: she totally lifts it out of itself and puts it somewhere else.

Mischa Yahd said...

Sandra Bullock is always looking awesome. What ever she wear can become wonderful. I really would love to see her style on the future award events.


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