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Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Official: Grace Kelly defeats Ingrid Bergman for Favorite Hitchcock Leading Lady

I goodness! Thank you, everyone who voted for me
and thanks to All Good Things

After a close start on Thursday, Grace Kelly pulled away from Ingrid Bergman to win Favorite Leading Lady in an Alfred Hitchcock Film Tourney by the count of 27-16. It marks the first ever tourney win for Grace as she had been a final four finalist in the Favorite Classic Movie Actress tourney the past two years. It gives Grace an all time leading match play record of 13-2. The next closest person is Natalie Wood with 10 victories. It also gives Grace one of the requirements to gain induction into All Good Things Hall Of Fame. So expect her to be inducted sometime soon. For Ingrid, it was a tough loss. Her overall match play record now sits at 7-3, which is nothing to sneeze at. Thanks to everyone who voted during this tourney to make it a success. Oh and this gives Grace two titles here at All Good Things. Her film Rear Window won as Best Hitchcock Film last year!


Erik Beck said...

One of my own personal favorite anecdotes to tell, which is so incredibly relevant here.

I'm 17 years old, in fall of 1992, standing in Tower Records in Cambridge. I'm in line behind a guy in his 40's and we're watching on the television screen, Casablanca.

He says "Ingrid Bergman must have been just about the most beautiful woman who ever lived."

I reply, "I have to respectfully disagree."

He turns, sees how old I am and responds "Kid, if you say something like Cindy Crawford or one of those supermodels you're gonna ruin my day."

I took one look at him and said "Grace Kelly."

He conceded that either of us could be right.

I voted for Grace, but was very very tempted to vote for Ingrid.

Patti said...

As I wrote in an earlier comment, "Notorious" is my 2nd favorite Hitch film (after "I Confess), so Ingrid is a more beloved Hitch actress to me than Grace is. However, overall, Grace is more beloved to me than Ingrid (though I love her as well). It was a tough choice, but in the end, my love for Grace for prevailed...I'm glad to see her be crowned the winner.


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