CAROLE LOMBARD - My Favorite Actress

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Lombard Cup begins next month

Combining my love of golf's match play and classic stars once again, I will have a new event beginning next month. Still working on the details but I can share some info. One..this won't be a regular tourney. More like match play, where it's individual matches instead of a mammoth type tournament. And two, it focuses on the men this time instead of the women. But it does have a featured theme. Oh and three it is named after my favorite actress ever, Carole Lombard. Kind of misleading since it will be all about actors, but hey that's me. I will have more details before the week is out. Stay tuned....
Carole gladly accepted the role of mistress of ceremony 
for my next event


Patti said...

Ooh, I'm excited, especially since it's about the guys!!!

As always, Monty, you are creative and inventive and always come up with great ways to keep your blog fresh and exciting.

Sofia said...

I've already been voting for your Hitchcock leading lady tourney, and am looking forward for this Lombard Cup. You got a way with these things, really nice!


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