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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ginger's record setting run in last year's tourney

Last year's Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney winner Ginger Rogers set some unbelievable scoring records as she just ran wild with some amazing victories. In fact her closest win was her very first match with Joan Blondell with the margin of victory being only 28 votes. After that, word got out and Ginger's fanbase showed up like no other. Here are the numbers Ginger set last year and that I think may not be broken for awhile.

Ginger just dominated last year's tourney like no one else...

Most votes by an actress in a match: Ginger's 264 votes against Irene Dunne in round 2
Most combined votes in a match: that same match with Irene which yielded a staggering 478 votes
Most votes by an actress in a tourney: Ginger netted a total of 1053 votes over the course of 7 matches

Defeated Joan Blondell 58-30
Hattie McDaniel 85-42
Irene Dunne 264-214
Greta Garbo 177-78
Carole Lombard 141-94
Grace Kelly 184-56
Natalie Wood 144-25

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