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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Top Movie Cops: Dave Bannion (The Big Heat)

Tough cop Dave Bannion about to start some s@^t!
Name: Dave Bannion
Occupation: Detective Sergeant
First appearance: The Big Heat (1953)
Number of films: 1
Enemies: Mike Lagana (head crime boss); Vince Stone (Lagana's right hand man)
Family and friends: Katie (wife); Joyce (daughter); Debby Marsh (Stone's girlfriend); 

Not backing down to Vince all!

SPOILER case you haven't seen this film, do not read any further.

History: Homicide Detective Dave Bannion butts heads with the crime syndicate in his town when he investigates the death of fellow police officer Tom Duncan. When Bannion refuses to back down, his family is targeted and his wife becomes a casualty. Bannion goes on the warpath to bring down head crime boss Lagana and his goon Vince Stone. Bannion gets unlikely help from Stone's girlfriend. Bannion is seen as a duty bound cop and becomes even more frustrated when local politics play into his repeated obstacles preventing him from taking down Lagana. But he never gives up. Never!
With his daughter Joyce
Meeting the hot to trot Debby

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silverscreenings said...

Great film! Fantastic performances from all the actors, plus a plot twist that I did NOT see coming.


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