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Monday, February 4, 2013

Hall Of Fame Inductees for January: Hitch and Princess Grace

Another month means two more inductees for All Good Things Hall Of Fame. And they have a connection to each other. Alfred Hitchcock and Grace Kelly. Kelly starred in three of Hitch's films during the 50's: Rear Window, Dial M For Murder and To Catch A Thief. Here are the qualifications that got them both into the Hall of Fame.
Grace and Alfred...what a star/director combo!

First Grace Kelly is one of my mainstays here on my blog. She is second only to Carole Lombard in the number of posts I have written about her. 78 counting this one. Carole has 79. She has won a trophy for Favorite Leading Lady in a Hitchcock film, in a tourney I did last winter. Previously, her film Rear Window grabbed Best Hitchcock Film in a similar tourney a year before that. And she has made it to the final four in the two Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourneys I hold every year. All so close to winning that trophy as well. The only thing Grace hasn't done is won a Montie (my version of the Oscars) and the only reason that is, because I am only on year 1947. So in due time, she may win one of those as well.
The pair were a perfect 3 for 3 in films: Rear Window, Dial M For Murder,
and To Catch A Thief...well in my book they are!

Now Hitchcock has won a Montie. He won Best Director for one of my favorite films of his, Shadow of A Doubt. Marking only the second director to gain entrance to the Hall of Fame. The other being, William Wyler. And we haven't hit his peak period yet, so who knows how many more Monties he can win. So give a warm welcome to Grace and Alfred as the new members of AGT's Hall Of Fame.

My love of classic film is beyond measure


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