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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Performers in tourney play

As the tourney draws nearer to it's Sunday start, I thought I would list the records of the top actresses who seem to thrive on competition and do extremely well. Bear in mind that two of the women on this list are not eligible to compete in the tourney due to their winning it in previous years. That would be Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers. But they can still compete in my occasional match play matches that I have through-out the year. By the way these records include not just tourney wins but also match play competition results too. Let's begin at number one with...

1. GRACE KELLY (13-2) wow! Grace has racked up an incredible 13 wins in tourney and match play. Making it to the final four in the previous two Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourneys and winning the Favorite Leading Lady in A Hitchcock film tourney. She has been an incredible presence in these events and a force to be reckoned with. She seems to own the 50's era in which she competes in. We shall see if see can win the whole thing this year.

2. NATALIE WOOD (10-2) Another two time Final Four finalist is reigning 60's era champion, Natalie Wood. She has won the 60's era of the tourney two years in a row and like Grace, looks to break beyond the Final Four and win the whole thing.

3. IRENE DUNNE (8-1) When Irene won the inaugural tourney in 2011, she shocked a lot of people. Me included. Ranked a lowly 10th seed, she had a magical Cinderella run and won the whole thing. She returned in 2012 before I made the rule of past champions not being eligible to compete in future tourneys and lost in the second round, her only loss so far.

4. CAROLE LOMBARD (8-3) Oh my....Carole has come ever so close to winning this thing. In 2011 she lost the 30's final to eventual champion Irene Dunne and last year made it to the same point before losing to eventual champion Ginger Rogers. Well with those two ladies out of the picture maybe my girl can break through and claim the crown for herself.

5. GINGER ROGERS (7-1) What a complete turnaround from two tourneys. In 2011 Ginger got knocked out in the very first round. Then in 2012 she wins the whole thing. WOW!

6. INGRID BERGMAN (7-3) A mainstay in the tourney Ingrid has excelled and came close to being in the championship match in 2011. She lost to Vivien Leigh in a rousing back and forth match that still ranks as one of the best in tourney play.

7. VIVIEN LEIGH (6-2) Came close to winning the first tourney but loss to eventual champion Irene Dunne in the final. A true class act.

8. BETTE DAVIS (6-2) Bette has such had a quiet tourney run so far, you think she would have like only 2 or 3 wins. But she has racked up a tidy six wins and is always in the mix. She hopes to make a final four appearance this year.

9. DEBBIE REYNOLDS (6-2) The plucky Debbie has been very formidable in tourney play. Considering she is competing in the 50's era with Grace Kelly, she has done pretty good. 

10. JUDY GARLAND (5-1) Impressive Judy Garland. Missed the first tourney selection altogether and was one win away from being in the championship match last year. She is definitely one not to be underestimated.



Renata said...

cool, as usual all my support goes to Irene :)

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I have voted!!!


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