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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Tourney Banner

My good friend Desiree, who is handling the 40's era of our Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney, made this snazzy cool banner for my blog header pic. I think she did a great job. You may be wondering why these four select women. Well these are my final four pics: Carole Lombard (30's), Ann Sheridan (40's), Elizabeth Taylor (50's) and Romy Schneider (60's). We'll see how it goes.Would love to see everyone else final four picks too. Here's the link to the entire list of all 128 actresses competing...


Kristen said...

My final four:
Myrna Loy
Veronica Lake
Marilyn Monroe
Natalie Wood

Desiree said...

It looks great on your blog! Oh, how fun :) And now I understand why you picked them. Those are some cool picks.

Patti said...

Desiree did an awesome job! It's beautiful...right up there with the banner you created for me for my John Garfield blogathon.

My final 4:

Jean Harlow
Bette Davis
Audrey Hepburn
Natalie Wood


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