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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post Tourney Wrap-Up

Carole is reflective after winning the trophy

By now everyone knows that Carole Lombard is the Favorite Classic Movie Actress of 2013 thanks to her tournament win. It was a sweet victory for Carole, who had lost twice previously in the 30's era bracket final match the past two years to eventual tourney winners Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers. I just wanted to do a post about some of the achievements that were accomplished with this year's tourney. And give thanks again to my friends Mythical Monkey, Desiree and Kristen who helped me stage this annual fun event.

Carole logged the most votes in the tourney with 309 votes through 7 matches. Her 65 votes against Bette Davis in championship match were the most votes she received out of any of her matches.

But Barbara Stanwyck has the honor of most votes in any match this tourney as she logged 72 in her lopsided win over Norma Shearer. Ava Gardner was second with 67 votes against Eleanor Parker.

Audrey was quite happy with her record setting win

Audrey Hepburn did something really cool. She posted 55 vote victories in round 1 and 3 of the 50's era bracket. She also recorded the only shut-out in tourney history in one of those matches as she drubbed Pier Angeli 55-0. The other 55 scoring output came against Deborah Kerr.

Biggest surprises came in the form of two-time Final Four finalists Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood, both making early exits. Natalie lost to Shirley Jones in round 3 of the 60's era bracket while Grace got knocked off by Ava Gardner in round 4 of the 50's era bracket. It would seem strange not seeing Natalie and Grace in the final four this year after making it to the first two.

Another happy camper was Diana, who will most likely be the top
seed in the 60's era bracket next year

Tourney first timers that did well included Diana Rigg, who made it all the way to the final four to lose to Bette Davis and finish with a 5-1 record. Paula Prentiss also from the same 60's era bracket made it to round 3 before losing to Anne Bancroft. And Eleanor Powell in the 30's era bracket danced her way to two wins before losing to Joan Blondell.

Some of the best matches that came down to the wire included Loretta Young outlasting Maureen O'Hara 33-30; Julie Andrews 41-39 over Maggie Smith. Marilyn Monroe edging Lana Turner 35-33 in a nail-biter. And the one lone tie match between Lauren Bacall and Ida Lupino in the 40's era bracket. Desiree had to do a tie-breaker poll question which saw Lauren squeak by.

So there you have some highlights from the 3rd Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney. I hope everyone enjoyed it and look forward to next years.

Bette quietly went about her business under the radar
and almost took home the crown. Next year might be yours!

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Patti said...

Congratulations to Carole on her win!

The tourney was loads of fun, always. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making it such a success.


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