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Monday, October 11, 2010

Classic Horror Films - Day 11 (VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED - 1960)

The Sinister Children

Something is terribly wrong in the tiny village of Midwich. After an unseen force invades a quiet coastal town, ten women mysteriously find themselves pregnant. Local physician Dr. Alan Chaffee and government scientist Dr. Susan Verner join forces when the women simultaneously give birth... and the reign of horror begins. All born with platinum-white hair, fierce intellect and steely, cobalt eyes, the emotionless offspring display eerie psychic abilities and remarkable powers which they use with deadly consequences, unleashing a storm of terror. George Sanders and Barbara Shelley headline the cast and are solid, as are all of the young child actors, who are genuinely creepy and terrifying. There was a remake in 1995 by John Carpenter and starring Christopher Reeve which was not too bad, but the original is the one to watch.

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