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Friday, October 8, 2010

Classic Horror Films - Day 8 (I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE - 1943)

'I Walked With a Zombie'
A young Canadian nurse named Betsy (Frances Dee) comes to the West Indies to care for Jessica (Christine Gordon) the wife of a plantation manager Paul Holland (played by Tom Conway). Jessica seems to be suffering from a kind of mental paralysis as a result of fever. When she falls in love with Paul, Betsy determines to cure Jessica even if she needs to use a voodoo ceremony, to give Paul what she thinks he wants. A very amtospheric movie with more suspense and dramatic than an actual horror film. Think Rebecca mixed with voodoo worship. It was cool seeing actress Frances Dee, usually in light comedies and westerns in this type of movie. I Walked With A Zombie is a good suspense film that will give you a scare of two. Made by the team of director Jacques Tourneur and producer Val Lewton, who also collaborated on Cat People and The Leopard Man.

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Dawn said...

Monty, I know it is kind of a cheesy film, but... I love it. Awesome Halloween movie pick!


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