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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Classic Horror Films - Day 5 (The Birds)

The Birds don't quit

A wealthy San Francisco playgirl (Tippi Hedren) pursues a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town that slowly takes a turn for the bizarre when birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people there in increasing numbers and with increasing viciousness. A Hitchock film that starts off like a romantic comedy with all the banter between Hedren and co-star Rod Taylor. But then once the birds start attacking, hold on. The initial attack at the gas station is intense and exciting. Hitch keeps the suspense wound tight and the whole cast is perfect. Along with Hedren and Taylor, you also have Suzanne Pleshette, Jessica Tandy, and a young Veronica Cartwright. A solid thriller that still works almost 50 years later.

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Dawn said...

Monty, this is one of my favorite films. I also think it maybe, the first Alfred Hitchcock movie that I watched.


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