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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Classic Movie Actor Of The Month: JOHN WAYNE

The Duke kicks off the first in my series of classic movie actors. Hey, I've been featuring the women for almost two years now, it's time to give the men their due. Especially when my Classic Movie Actor tourney starts on May 28th. John Wayne's birthday is also this month on the 26th, so it was destiny that made him my choice to be the first actor to be featured. For this post I just wanted to list some of my favorite Wayne things. So here we go.
Favorite Wayne film: RIO BRAVO
Favorite non-Western Wayne film: THE QUIET MAN
Favorite Male co-star: WARD BOND
Favorite Female co-star: MAUREEN O'HARA (that was an easy one)

Favorite Military Film: THEY WERE EXPENDABLE
Favorite Director: JOHN FORD
Not so Favorite Film: THE CONQUEROR (what was John thinking?)


FlickChick said...

I always think I don't like westerns, and then I see a John Wayne film and end up loving it. I think it has something to do with the Duke....

Caftan Woman said...

Nice to see you turn the spotlight on John Wayne. Few actors give me as much joy as watching "Duke" on screen.

I became addicted to lists a few months back. Here are 10 of my favourite John Wayne performances:

The Quiet Man
Island in the Sky
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Searchers
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
True Grit
The Shootist
The Long Voyage Home
Wake of the Red Witch
Rio Bravo

Irene Palfy said...

Rio Bravo is my favourite Wayne pic, too! And I LOVE Ward Bond!! ;")

Patti said...

Monty, I'm sure you get a HUGE kick out of me. I have to be your most off-the-wall follower, the one who ALWAYS seems to march to the beat of her own drum. I mean, have you ever met another classic movie fan who didn't love "Rear Window?" I'm the only one I know who doesn't like that movie.

And I am probably the only one of your followers that doesn't much care for John Wayne. I've seen maybe a dozen of his movies, and it just hasn't clicked for me with him. I DO like True Grit, though, and even when I saw the remake recently, I thought Jeff Bridges could not hold a candle to The Duke.

I also liked one he did with Joan Crawford...Reunion in France, I think. And I liked Red River, but that's because of Monty Clift. I would like to see The Quiet Man, though.

I know, I know, I am a strange one. Put me in your book as your weirdest follower.


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