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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Animal Kingdom - Stars with Pets Part 2

Thanks to my very good friend from Facebook who didn't want credit for giving me all these wonderful photos, here is part 2 of Animal Kingdom. Thanks know I had to mention your name right?

Greer Garson and her little twins

Leslie Howard, Carole Lombard and Gary Cooper

Myrna Loy

Alfred Hitchcock and family

Esther Williams

Gracie Allen

Mary Pickford

Audrey and her little friend doing some shopping

Tippi Hedren making nice with her Birds co-star

And finally Doris Day...and she means it

Oh and one more for my friend Desiree of her girl Roz...


Anonymous said...

Ohh i love these photoes!!Soo nice to see those famous stars with there pets and in daily life!!

thank you for sharing and Karin that let us all see..i will save some of them on my computer..they are just amazing!!))

Desiree said...

Ahhhhh, thaaaanks, Monty :D I love the bulldog photo, haha. And also, I love the one of Myrna and of Gracie Allen and the big dog! Great photos :)

Page said...

These are fantastic! I love old candids.

Irene Palfy said...

I still love Doris Day's t-shirt. ;")

Dawn said...

You know I love pawesome pet pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Mee tooo!!))


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