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Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Senta Berger (*1941)

Happy Birthday to Senta Berger who is going to be 70 years old today!

Today I watched an interview with her, where she told this story:

Senta Berger’s father – a musician - was very superstitious and didn’t want his child to be born on a 13th.

Then he was told that a pregnant woman could slow down the birth by walking in high heels up hills. So Senta Berger’s mother – in her best pair of black shoes - walked up and down a hilly street all-day long on May 12th 1941.

When she came home that evening she was completely tired out – and ate with huge appetite. Then labour pains began – and in the morning hours (7 o’clock) of May 13th Senta Berger was born.

Her father who had totally changed his mind gave her a small necklace with a “13”-pendant – and stated that from that day on the 13th should be his lucky day.

Quotes Corner:

(after telling the story above she had tears in her eyes and said:)

“I am a sentimental cow.”

~ the newswoman (I think so..) and I (I know that!) had tears in our eyes, too ;") ~

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Senta!! ;")

(-> German = Happy Birthday, Senta!)

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