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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ten Reasons why RIO BRAVO is my favorite western...

The 1959 Howard Hawks directed Rio Bravo is my favorite western of all time. Here are ten reasons as to why:
Rio Bravo
1.) John Wayne at his most macho as Sheriff John T. Chance, who likes charging ahead into any dangerous situation.
2.) The wonderful music score by Dimitri Tiomkin is just epic in every way.
Rio Bravo
3.) Dean Martin as Dude, Chance's deputy who has become the town drunk thanks to a woman who left him hanging dry. This is one of Martin's best screen performances.
4.) Angie Dickinson as Feathers, the lady gambler who falls hard for Chance. Angie is easy on the eyes but is also full of sass and brass.
Rio Bravo
5.) Loads of unbelievable action through-out this movie as gunfights break out on a regular basis.
6.) Some despicable bad guys led by Claude Akins and John Russell as The Burdette Boys.
7.) The rascally Walter Brennan as Chance's other deputy Stumpy.
8.) Ricky Nelson as the cocky young gunfighter Colorado Ryan.
Rio Bravo
9.) The duet by Martin and Nelson singing the catchy My Rifle, My Pony and Me.
10.) And finally Rio Bravo rocks because of the simple nature of it's story..good vs evil. And the men and women who stand up against the bad desperadoes.

Here's the video clip of Martin and Nelson singing My Rifle, My Pony and Me


Irene Palfy said...

I love that song! - and that movie! (because of Dean Martin to be honest - he is king of cool.) ;")

This is a funny idea to make a top ten reasons list why you like a film - I think I borrow that idea for my blog! (if you do not mind!)

Anonymous said...

Grande Dino!! Hawks voleva dare la sua parte a Monty Clift ed averlo così nuovamente in coppia con Wayne come era già avvenuto in Red River. Ma dopo il rifiuto di Clift il regista optò per Martin. Una scelta veramente azzeccata.


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