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Friday, September 23, 2011

Classic Stars Match Play Weekly Poll

I know how much everyone enjoys my tournaments, so I’ve decided to add another series to my

blog while we wait for next March’s expanded favorite actress tournament. A weekly poll that
matches up two stars for you guys to choose from. I'm calling it Classic Stars Match Play. Because a lot of actresses would never face each other in tournament play. Now I can have single matches that will pit one star against another star. Some matches that you would never dream of. Say like Audrey Hepburn against Clara Bow or Maureen O’Hara against Claudia Cardinale. And it won’t be just the women. I will have the actors competing as well. So the first match will start this Sunday and run for a week. So everyone will have plenty of time to vote. I will keep track of particular stars who win the most or heaven forbid, lose the most. Just thought this would be pretty cool and fun to do. Since I love matches and I love polls. So please join me every week for this fun new series. I know sometimes its hard to choose between your favorites, but it can also be very entertaining. So I guess I need to announce the first match right? Well I’m going to go with that classic rivalry, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Place your bets.

Bette Davis


Joan Crawford

The poll will be open early Sunday morning...good luck to both women as I think this will be an all out slugfest.


Patti said...

Monty, you are always coming up with such fun things to do here on your blog. You really have a creative and fun mind.

It definitely sounds like a fun series...and as for this first match, well since Bette is my #1 actress ever, you know how I'll be voting. I totally love her.

Rachel said...

Interesting idea, Monty. Well, I know who I'm voting for.

FlickChick said...

I know who I'm voting for and I'd bet on her in a slugfest in a heartbeat!

Irene Palfy said...

oh.. tough..

Desiree said...

This is so cool! I can't wait. I love polls :)


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