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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Greatest TV Comedies - The Partridge Family (1970 - 1974)

Since Shirley Jones is my classic movie goddess of the month, she will tie in wonderfully with my series on greatest TV comedies. She starred in The Partridge Family and let me state for the record she was my favorite TV mom of all time, just ahead of Donna Reed and Phylicia Rashad.
Shirley Jones as Shirley favorite TV mom

The Partridge Family was definitely a product of it's time as the show followed the adventures of Shirley Partridge and her musically blessed family. The group toured the country and usually got involved in some type of crazy situation. Co-starring then teen heart-throb David Cassidy (as eldest kid Keith, who was usually chasing or being chased by rabid teen aged girls); Susan Dey (as eldest sister Laurie, who made the perfect foil to Cassidy); Danny Bonaduce (as all around pest Danny); and Jeremy Gelbwaks and Suzanne Crough as twins Chris and Tracy. And of course their manager..the put upon Reuben Kincaid (terrifically played by Dave Madden).
The Partridge Family and their manager Reuben...

Shirley always played level-headed and made sure her family was taken care of and stayed together. Jones brought her actual singing abilities to the series as she provided vocals on several songs. Cassidy was the only other member of the series to have some real musical talent as he often provided lead vocals. The series is fondly remembered for the easy going laughs and story lines that were not too hard on the brain. It was one of my favorite series while growing up. I actually enjoyed it more than The Brady Bunch. Like I said earlier, much of the success has to be thanks to Shirley Jones as she brought experience and talent to this comedy series. Of course all the young  girls in America were crazy over David Cassidy. And the show actually spawned several hits including I Think I Love You.
The elder Partridge kids, Laurie and Keith...

The Partridge Family ran for four seasons and 96 episodes, just 4 shy of that magical 100. Take a trip back in time to the groovy 70's and catch this series on reruns and on DVD. And plus who can forget that psychedlice bus they rode in. And that catchy theme song.

The family that rides together, stays together...

Reuben looking all crazy-eyed...

Mom getting a little aggressive with some bus driving...

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