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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS beats EASTER PARADE by one vote to land a spot in the final four....

 Judy just can't wait to spread the news about Meet Me In St. Louis winning a trip to the Final Four

I doubt Judy Garland would complain but sentimental favorite Meet Me In St. Louis beat Easter Parade 12-11 to take the second spot in the final four of the favorite classic musical film tournament. It was back and forth for the entire match as Parade jumped out to an early lead, then St. Louis came back to tie and then pull ahead by 3 votes. Easter Parade made a strong rally that fell just one vote shy. Regardless, we have our second film set for the finals and now must wait on the 50's and 60's eras to play out. Congrats to all the fans of Meet Me In St. Louis who voted for that film to win. Side note: Meet Me in St. Louis also prevented Fred Astaire from placing his second film in the final four. Swing Time won the 30's era last week and had Easter Parade won, they would have been going to the dance together. Oh well. By the way, here's the link to go vote on the 50's era matches which began today:

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Desiree said...

Meet Me in St. Louis is one of Judy's best! :)


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