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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shirley Jones in TWO RODE TOGETHER (1961)

Shirley co-stars with James Stewart and Richard Widmark in this entertaining western about the US Army being dispatched to negotiate the release of white prisoners from the Comanches. Widmark plays the army lieutenant tasked for this job. He recruits his former friend (Stewart) who has done trading with the Comanches before to help him out. Shirley plays a settler named Marty who along with her father is looking for a family member. This is a solid western but be warned, Stewart is not his typical aw shucks lovable self. He's mean, nasty, self-centered, loves to drink, and sticks his neck out for no one. A departure for him to say the least. Shirley is top notch in a role that lets her stand up to all the men in this film. Directed by the great John Ford and featuring a superby music score by George Duning

Film: B
Shirley's performance: B

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