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Saturday, September 24, 2011


I grew up watching the TV series of the same name, not knowing there was a movie before it. Well I recently saw it on TCM and loved it. Shirley plays Elizabeth Marten, a volunteer nurse,who was the friend of Tom Corbett's (Glenn Ford) wife before she died. Now Eddie is trying to hook his dad up with a potential replacement. Cue Elizabeth. But not before a few misfires including Rita (played by Dina Merrill). Well Rita and Tom come close to tying the knnot but Eddie's dislike of Rita is the tipping point. Elizabeth is there as always to be comforting and romance eventually blooms. This is a great comedy-drama from the early 60's with a terrific cast. Glenn Ford, Shirley Jones, Ron Howard as Eddie, Dina Merrill and Stella Stevens as Dolly add to the fun.

Film: B
Shirley's Perfomance: B


Patti said...

Our family watched this about 2 months ago. It is hysterically funny in some parts. How Glenn Ford managed to do some of those scenes with Ronnie Howard and not break down into laughing fits is beyond me. I think especially of the comic book and "what's your favorite number on a woman" scenes as being particularly funny. I loved Glenn Ford in this role. Did you know he was at one time considered for the role of Uncle Bill on Family Affair? But then it went to Brian Keith.

I remember the show The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Bill Bixby and the cutest little boy, Brandon Cruz. (Now how did I pull that name out of long-term memory?)

Irene Palfy said...

Love that one - was aired quite often during my childhood - and still now and then... Oh - how I wanted to grow up fast and look like Stella Stevens.. (I am still waiting for my eyecolor to turn into such a bright blue..)


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