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Monday, September 5, 2011

Carole Lombard and Cary Grant team up for their only screwball comedy, MOLLY AND HER WORLD (1940)...well one can dream right?

Everyone who has read my blog knows that I like to sometimes write fictional interviews with classic stars. I've done fantasy interviews with Vivien Leigh, Irene Dunne and Cary Grant to name a few. Me and my friend Dawn even wrote some fantasy movie plots featuring Esther Williams a year ago which was quite fun. And let's not forget my party I threw for Cary, when he won favorite classic actor here on my blog. So I thought I would stir up my imagination again for my dream pairing of Carole Lombard and Cary Grant (my two favorite stars in the whole world) for their only screwball comedy. The pair did make one movie together, which was the excellent drama, IN NAME ONLY (1939). Well they also starred together in The Eagle and The Hawk (1933) but shared no screen time. But I wanted to see the pair in their element of screwball zaniness, as I'm should everyone else did. But Carole's sudden and tragic death would prevent any such pairing. So here is what I have imagined as their only screwball comedy. Enjoy.
 Molly looking a little worried.....
Scotty looking pretty sure....

The title is MOLLY AND HER WORLD. Molly Peters is a young woman (played by Carole) who works at an animal shelter. Which is the perfect job for her as she loves all animals. She has several pets of her own including 2 cats named  Annabelle and Theodora. Two dogs named Nick and Nora. And a parrot named Sebastian. She would do anything for any animal no matter what. She is a little ditzy at times but is a great friend to have. But she has yet to meet the man of her dreams. Her friend Ellie (played by Jane Wyman) has no such trouble. Always on a date with some new guy and who always tries to fix Molly up. 

Ellie playing hard to get from Henry...

Well one morning, on her way to work Molly sees a dog about to get hit by a speeding car. Before she can act, a well dressed man leaps out into the street to save the dog. Molly runs over and thanks the gentleman, who introduces himself as Scotty Stewart. They check the dog out to make sure he is ok and Molly takes him to her shelter. Scotty is attracted to Molly immediately and follows her. The two banter back and forth. Scotty is impressed with her and Molly asks what's his job. Scotty says he is a columnist for the newspaper. 
Molly loving on Nora...

The two begin dating and Molly has trouble adjusting since she hasn't been on a date since junior high with Tommy Fields. Luckily Ellie is there to give her some pointers or may be not so lucky. Ellie has man troubles of her own as she is trying to land this new guy named Henry (played by Ronald Reagan). The four go out on a double date and it is one mishap after another. Fortunately for Molly, Scotty doesn't give up and continues to pursue her. Scotty also has to deal with competition in the form of Jack Cuttles (played by Cesar Romero) who has been after Molly for years. Of course more screwball shenanigans occur but things will turn out alright in the end as Molly and Scotty end up together.  Ellie and Henry end up together as well but always seem to be fighting. Look for Ruth Donnelly in a bit part as Agnes, Molly's older sister. Who has a lot to say on the matter of men.

Cary Grant and Carole Lombard
Molly and Scotty together at last..

So that's my idea of the comedy that Carole Lombard and Cary Grant would have made together. No award winner but a funny little movie. What does everyone think? Here are the full details.

Release date: 1940
Running time: 94 minutes
Directed by Mitchell Leisen
Written by: Norman Krasna
Studio: Columbia Pictures

Molly........Carole Lombard

Scotty.......Cary Grant
Ellie........Jane Wyman
Henry......Ronald Reagan
Agnes.....Ruth Donnelly
Jack......Cesar Romero
Cesar Romero as the dapper Jack...

Choice quotes:

Molly: Agnes, you're always telling me that I need a man.

Agnes: Why would you listen to me. I haven't had a man since before the Depression.

Scotty: I usually work at the newspaper. When I say usually, I mean rarely.

Molly: Are you wearing that dress?
Ellie: Why, too much?

Molly: No it's ok. Provided you're trying to knock Henry out.
Ellie: That's the whole point.

Ruth Donnelly as Agnes...


FlickChick said...

Wait - didn't I see this movie? Monty - so much fun!

Renata said...

OMG I LOVE IT! love it, LOVE IT!! I would have LOVED to see these 2 together in a screwball comedy, too bad it never happened but I guess a drama is better than nothing.
OMG, Monty, I love your imagination and I love the title haha, Molly and her world...just wonderful!!

Irene Palfy said...

Oh - a film with Cesar Romero and Ruth Donnelly.. I am game!

Great set up. Really enjoyed this.


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