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Thursday, January 12, 2012

TCM spotlights some of the 60's best sex comedies on Friday, January 13th

Just a quick little mention as I am fighting off this cold that came out of nowhere, that TCM will be airing some of the best sex comedies of the 60's. You know the type of movies that were cranked out on regular basis during this time period as times and attitudes were changing. Men and women in relationships, are lack thereof and trying to understand each other always led to hilarious results. And while they are known as sex comedies, they are in fact pretty mild. I mean the women dress sexy, and the men drop some crass remarks every now and then, but it's pretty mild. Nothing too risque or offensive. Nothing on the level of say modern films like The Hangover. On the docket will be The Apartment (1960) with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine; Any Wednesday (1966) with Jane Fonda and Jason Robards; Sunday in New York (1963) Jane again this time with Rod Taylor and Cliff Robertson; Boys' Night Out (1962) with James Garner, Kim Novak and Tony Randall; and finally Bachelor in Paradise (1961) with Bob Hope still swingin', this time with Lana Turner. I can recommend all except for Bachelor in Paradise which I haven't seen. I was surprised Sex and the Single Girl with Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis or Under The Yum-Yum Tree (1963) with Jack Lemmon and Carol Lynley didn't make the schedule. But regardless, Friday seems like a great day for movie watching. Especially if you like the 1960's and comedies. Starting at 7am EST and running through 5:30 pm.
Rod and Jane enjoying a nice relaxing Sunday afteroon..

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