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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Be My Guest - Emily (Part 2)

Here we are, back for round 2 with our guest for the month, Emily.

Me: What films upon first viewing did you not like, then later on when re-watching them, loved again?

Emily: “To Have and Have Not”, “Nosferatu”, “Follow The Fleet”

Me: So you didn't like To Have and Have Not the first time you saw it. But you do now. Good to hear because that is one of my favorite films.

Me: Describe the perfect way to watch a classic film.

Emily: In bed, either when I get up in the morning or before I go to sleep. The television in my room has no cable, it only plays movies, and so that is my favorite spot. I like the fiancé with me too. It’s much more fun when you can talk about what your watching with someone else.

Me: Cool

Me: How many friends, family members, or co-workers share your love of classic films?

Emily: I have many people in my world that love movies, but not all of them love the oldies. I have two friends that like the oldies, and I want to say it is because of me. One of them was my roommate at one point so she was almost forced into it. I have a co-worker who is an oldie film nerd like me so we usually gab about them in the teacher’s lounge when we can. But other than a few friends here and there, I am alone. Hence answer #1.

Me: I can relate. My wife watches occassionally with me. And there are a few people at work who I can talk classics with. But that's about it. The majority of my friends are online through blogging and facebook that share my love of classic films.

Me: What is your favorite time period: the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s?

Emily: For me it is the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Each decade is so different, but I love many things from all of them. Art Deco, women’s fashion, the way people talked, the films (obviously), the cars, women’s hair, the way people lived. Men opened doors for women, women wore heels while they cooked, and every thing was made in America. I was born in the wrong decade.
Me: I agree. My faves are the 30's and 60's. But I loved them all, especially compared to the decade we live in now.
Alright that wraps up part 2 of my interview with Emily. Be back next week with part 3. And don't forget to check out Emily's wonderful blog: the silver screen affair

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Patti said...

I am SO with you, Emily. I was born in the wrong decade too...about 5 decades later than I wish I had been born!!

I have to tell you, though, even if other people think I am insane, I DO wear heels most of the time...even vacuum and wash dishes in them. (Dressing as I do is my way of pretending I DO live in that other era.)

And isn't it funny how so many of us only really have our blogging and FB friends to talk the oldies with. At least with the internet we aren't so completely alone.

Thanks for sharing, Emily!


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