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Monday, January 23, 2012

Classic Stars Match Play #16 - W.C. Fields vs Groucho Marx..let the fun begin

Since the CMBA is hosting a comedy blogathon this week, which I am contributing to, I might add, I thought it would be cool to have a match tied in with that event. In fact I'm in such a good mood, I think I will have two comedic matches taking place. This is the first one. W.C. against Groucho. The match begins immediately and will end Friday at 5 pm EST. I will start another match on Wednesday.

Say how does this match play thing work again?

Name: William Claude Dukenfield
Birth Date: January 29, 1880 (Darby, Pennsylvania)
Height: 5' 9"
Academy Awards: none
Monties: 1 nominations (It's a Gift - 1934 )
My favorite W.C. film: It's A Gift
Match Play record: 0-0 (this is W.C.'s first match play)


Tell W.C. to give me a few minutes..and I'll be right there

Name: Julius Henry Marx
Birth Date: October 2, 1890 (New York City, New York)
Height: 5' 7 1/2"
Academy Awards: Honorary Award (1974)
Monties: none so far....
My favorite Groucho film: A Night at the Opera and Duck Soup
Match play record: 0-0 (this is Groucho's first match play as well)

Jane, I'm going be tied up for the rest of the week so
I need for you to place a few bets for me, my dear..

Ladies, if you will kindly take your seats, me and Groucho
will get this thing going...

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