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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Observation

This post I’m writing about today is not about a favorite classic film or a birthday shout out or about a classic movie goddess. Just something I noticed in a few films I recently watched that kind of irked me  a bit. Don’t take this as rant or anything like that. Just an observation. One that as a blogger now, I kind of took immediate response to. Two new films, Life As We Know It and Larry Crowne, which I both liked had some dialogue that took aim at blogging in general.
So Josh, you don't care for bloggers I take it?

In Life As We Know It, Katherine Heigl stars as a young woman who is thrust into raising a child after being named a godparent when tragedy strikes the  actual parents of said child. Well she and another friend of the couple meet years before this happens and go out on a blind date. He is played by Josh Duhamel. And they do not hit it off when first meeting. And he cracks….”look this isn’t going to work. So why don’t you go back to your home, this being a Saturday night and do your little blog thing. You strike me as the type that has a blog. And I will go out and meet another girl and have some fun”. What the hell? As a blogger maybe I was a little too sensitive to that kind of remark.

Julia's husband, the man in question

So I put it aside and enjoyed the rest of the movie. Then I watched Larry Crowne the other day, the pairing of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, which I also liked. The scene where Julia’s husband is a novelist who hasn’t written anything in years and stays home to surf the web watching porn but says he is blogging and posting. Julia slams him and says you’re not blogging or working, you’re commenting, big difference.That scene was not a direct hit on blogging so it’s was not too bad. It just shows bloggers because of this one guy, in a bad light. But in Life as We Know It, that was definitely a strike on blogging. Just wanted to see what everyone else thought about it. Maybe I’m being over sensitive. I just think because now I am blogging I do pick up things like that much more.  Like I said this shouldn’t be taken as a rant, but as an observation.


Patti said...

I haven't seen either of these movies and probably never will, since I rarely watch current fare.

However, I understand what you mean about feeling slammed. I've felt that way often through the years. After all, I homeschooled my kids all the way through high school, and any movie or TV show that mentions homeschooling ALWAYS does so with a negative spin on it, like the people are social freaks. I guess I've learned to blow it all off, because the people really display their ignorance when they lump into one category all people who do a certain thing. Instead of realizing there are fully capable bloggers (or homeschoolers) out there, they just classify everyone as idiots, which, to me, is not alot different than the other types of stereotyping that has gone on through the years.

Wishing you a wonderful day...and keep blogging! You have a great, informative, entertaining blog...even if a current film does think it's worthless.

Dawn said...

I like Patti, I haven't seen either of these movies and probably never will.

There are all kinds of blogs and some of them I would not spend anytime reading..

Your blog is a wonderful read.. So all I can say is.. "blog On". :)

KimWilson said...

Monty, some bloggers should be slammed. There are some really self-indulgent people out in the blog-o-sphere. However, I think what Josh's character meant is that he wasn't into that type of person--well read and not always out partying and trolling for a one night stand. Introspective just isn't his type.

monty said...

Good points made by everyone. I guess I may have over-reacted at Josh's character and what he said a little. Thanks for pointing that out Kim. I must say though I have yet to meet those bloggers that are self-indulgent.


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