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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Now Showing...Lauren Bacall in THE BIG SLEEP

Classic film noir with Bogart as Los Angeles private eye Philip Marlowe, who is hired by General Sternwood (Waldron) to deal with several problems involving his family. Mainly blackmail toward the younger daughter Carmen (a terrific Martha Vickers). But this is just the beginning as Marlowe is dragged deeper and deeper into a sordid world of criminals and murder. Along the way Marlowe finds himself falling for the eldest daughter Vivian (played by Lauren Bacall). The Big Sleep is a very complicated movie that is still very entertaining. Featuring crisp dialogue and crackerjack performances. Bogart is cool as Marlowe in what I think is his best role. Bacall exudes enough sex appeal for 100 women. Vickers is delightfully seductive and droll in her child-like performance. And Dorothy Malone shines in her brief scene as a shapely bookstore clerk who flirts with Marlowe. An outstanding film and one of my all time favorites

Film: A+
Lauren's performance: A

My love for classic movies is beyond measure



Kalli said...

I love this movie! It's my favorite Bogie and Bacall film! The book is great, too.

Maria said...

This was the first Bogie Bacall film I ever saw as a kid. Of course, from then on I was obsessed with them as a couple - on-screen and off.


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