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Sunday, May 13, 2012

ALL GOOD THINGS first inductions to it's Hall of Fame

I was toying with the idea of creating a Hall of Fame for all the great stars and directors that I have written and talked about on here. So like most hall of fame things, there are certain criteria to be met to get inducted. I have three. They are as follows:

1.) Winner of a Montie - which everyone knows is my version of the Oscars. So if a certain star or director or writer has won a Montie, that means they are in the mix. If they have won several Monties, then that only increases their chances of getting in.

2.) Winner of a tourney - everyone also knows how much I love staging tournaments featuring actors, actresses, directors and even films against one another. If a person wins a tourney, they are a lock to get inducted. I also say if they do well enough in the tourney but don't win, they will be strongly considered as well. For instance, Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood both made the final four for two years in a row without winning a tourney. That is still an impressive feat.

3.) Can be voted in via a poll - From time to time, I will have polls that will specifically ask should this person be inducted into the hall of fame. 
Looks like we're in Irene, my dear...

I plan to induct two people a month and the first pair chosen is none other than Cary Grant, my favorite actor of all time and Irene Dunne. Why these two you may ask? Let me explain what this pair have accomplished. Cary is a three-time Montie winner (Best Actor for The Awful Truth, His Girl Friday and Penny Serenade) and winner of the 2011 Favorite Classic Movie Actor Tourney. More than enough qualifications to earn an induction. Meanwhile Irene is no slouch herself being a Montie winner for The Awful Truth and winner of the 2011 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney. So please congratulate Cary and Irene as being All Good Things first inductees into the Hall of Fame.


Kristen said...

Grant is definitely worthy! I'm excited to see who else gets inducted, you come up with the most amazing features.

Patti said...

Monty, you are always doing such interesting and fun things here at "All Good Things." You keep your blog exciting and fresh!!

What a great duo to launch the opening of your hall of fame. It will be fun discovering who else gets inducted.

Have a great day,

KimWilson said...

Two good choices!

Dawn said...

Monty, you have a great imagination!!


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