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Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Hollywood Crushes - A new series

I'm sure everyone has their movie/tv star crushes. Those stars who you just fell in love while watching them on screen that captured your fancy. Usually started when you were a teen or even younger and just was infatuated with. Now everyone knows I love Carole Lombard. She is my favorite actress of all time and would be easy to start this new series with her. But I wanted to go with some other actresses of mine that I grew up watching who I had the biggest crushes on. And these won't be just classic movie actresses but modern ones as well. For a little insight, my wife has some crushes of her own. More of the modern variety though, including such actors like Johnny Depp, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Chris Evans. But for me, I will start with this particular actress. I just bought American Graffiti the other day and watched it and she came back into my life. And I'm not talking about Suzanne Somers as the mysterious blonde in the t-bird. No, I'm talking about Cindy Williams. I first fell in love with her as Shirley Feeney on the tv series Laverne & Shirley. I really can't put a finger on why except that she was funny, cute and seemed like a regular girl. And then later on I would see her as high school student Laurie in American Graffiti. And that was all she wrote. So one of my first Hollywood crushes was Cindy Williams.

I will try to do one post a week about a crush of mine time permitting. And from these I guess everyone will have a idea of the actresses that I was crazy in love about.


Patti said...

This will be a fun series, Monty. Can't wait to learn more.

I did a "crushes" post about 3 weeks ago. Michael Landon was my first celebrity crush...back when he was Little Joe on Bonanza. Next up after him was Festus on Gunsmoke. Can you believe that one!!! I continually make clear on my blog that I like my men clean-shaven, and there I was crushing on a very grizzled Festus Hagen.

Anyhow, I SO remember "Laverne & Shirley" and that wonderfully fun theme song!!

Lara said...

Aww, Cindy Williams! This will be fun! I love L&S, I just watched an episode this evening in fact. They never should have moved to L.A....

Irene Palfy said...

Very cute idea for a series, Monty! Love to learn more about your crushes. Cindy Williams is wonderful.. Such a sweet girl.. I can totally see why you fell for her.. I am curious who is next on your list..

Kristen said...

I love Laverne and Shirley although Laverne was my personal favorite, she was feisty. You're definitely brave for posting your celebrity crushes...mine are pretty embarrassing and within the last five years they change weekly. Excited to see where this series goes!

Alaska.Dale said...

Well, you have missed two excellent films with a couple of your "honeys" in them. First, you need to see Brother Sun, Sister Moon: a film about St. Francis of Assisi with Judi Bowker as Clare - she looks absolutely angelic in this film. (Too bad she had a body-double for her bath scene in Clash of the Titans.) Second, watch the highly-regarded Nicolas Roeg film, Walkabout: Jenny Agutter is excellent as this girl left with her brother in the outback, only to be rescued by a young aborigine on his "walkabout."


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