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Monday, May 21, 2012

Anne Baxter has a message for Ann Sheridan

To: Ann Sheridan

As much as I love your work and films I have to ask that you realize that I am the star of the month and not you. I believe Monty already chose you last year and did a marvelous job from what I hear. But this is 2012 and it's my turn. I'm sure this doesn't have to get awkward or ugly as I know of you're upcoming blogathon and all. I'm sure we can co-exist on All Good Things. Just not at the same time.

Sincerely yours
Anne Baxter

Of course if I have to throw down with you...we can do that too...

Dang...I sense a little hostility between the two Anne's...I will try to accommodate both women though here on AGT.

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