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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Morning Movie: THE BIG STEAL (1949)

 Jane and Robert in a bit of a jam

One of my favorite movies is this film noir that mixes action with some humor. Has perennial film noir guy Robert Mitchum as Lt. Duke Halliday, chasing Fiske (played by Patric Knowles) who has stole the army payroll and let Halliday take the fall for it. Jane Greer is Joan Graham, and she is after the same man for breaking off their engagement and making off with $2000 dollars. William Bendix joins the mix as Captain Blake, Hailliday's superior, and is chasing Hailliday. All the players end up meeting in Mexico for one wild finish. For a film noir, it is really light hearted and has lots of humor. Mitchum and Greer have wonderful chemistry again. The pair teamed up before for the film noir classic, Out of the Past. And while this film is not quite good as that one, it still delivers on being quite enjoyable. Plus it has Jane could it not be good? I love her nickname Halliday has for in this film...Chiquita.

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Kristen said...

Always interested in seeing more Mitchum movies...thanks for the recommend!


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