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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Morning Movie:PRIMROSE PATH (1940)

 Henry Travers, Ginger and Joel...

Caught some of Primrose Path this morning on TCM before leaving for work. As part of Joel McCrea month, the movie is about a girl (Ginger Rogers) who comes from a long line of prostitutes in her family falls for a working man (McCrea) and tries to put her past behind her. Pretty good stuff. Well the hour I saw. Now I need to see the whole film now.


CharmedLassie said...

I reviewed this a few months ago. I'd really recommend you seeing the rest because it's Ginger at her best... And, yes, I know that rhymes!

Patti said...

As you know, my husband loves Ginger, and "Primrose Path" is one of his favorite of her films. (I like it too, though not to the extent he does.) She and Joel McCrea were terrific together.

Kristen said...

Ooh I missed this! In reading my TCM Top 12 you probably noticed I love classic movies with racy plots. Definitely gonna nab this.


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