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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Morning Movie: AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973)

A nostalgic trip back to 1962 by George Lucas, in what I think is his 2nd best movie, behind only Star Wars: A New Hope. American Graffiti is one awesome movie about two high school grads Steve (Ronnie Howard) and Curt (Richard Dreyfuss, beginning a remarkable run of top tier 70's films) spending one last night in Modesto, California with their buddies before heading off to college. Steve has issues with his girlfriend Laurie (Cindy Williams of soon to be Laverne & Shirley) while Curt is pursuing this mysterious blonde in a white T-bird (Suzanne Somers). Meanwhile their buddies John Milner (Paul LeMat) who has become a street racing legend with his wicked '32 Ford Coupe and Terry (Charles Martin Smith) have problems of their own. Milner has to contend with some young kid named Bob Falfa (a terrific little performance by Harrison Ford) who wants to take him down in a street race. And Terry tries to romance Debbie (Candy Clark) but runs into all kinds of trouble.
 John, Laurie and Steve hanging out at Mel's Diner

 The waitresses at Mel's Diner

 Milner's wicked ride

 The film's racing climax

Harrison Ford with two beauties by his side

Packed with rocking tunes and some awesome wickedly cars, American Graffiti is a must see. In fact I actually watched it last night after buying the DVD at Wal-Mart yesterday but am watching it again this morning. As Wolfman Jack (who appears in the movie as a cool DJ)...AAAAAHHHHHHWOOOOOO!


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Dawn said...

This movie came out the same year I graduated from high school. So I really could relate to it. Loved the cool music, classic cars, boss clothes and all the fun characters from out of the past.


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