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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A new tournament, but this time...I'm not the one doing it

My friend Kristen over at Journeys in Classic Film is holding a leading actor tournament, beginning May 20th. She said she loved my tourneys so much that she got the urge to do one herself. Her tourney will feature 40 actors spanning 8 decades (1930-2010) with each era having five actors competing. This sounds so cool as Kristen is incorporating modern era actors as well. Let's see if Cary Grant, who won my favorite actor tourney last year will save similar results in Kristen's. Here's the link to her blog where the competition will take place.

Oh and while you're over at Kristen's blog, check out the contest she is doing, which has a prize of Bernard F. Dick's book: Hollywood Madonna-Loretta Young. So please stop by to have a chance to win this book. Tell Kristen you came by way of Monty. Thanks everyone!

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Kristen said...

Monty, what would I do without you?! Thanks so much!


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