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Monday, March 18, 2013

Barbara, Bette and Audrey continue to dominate this year's tourney with round 3 day one numbers..

Here are the latest numbers after day 1 of the third round of the favorite classic movie actress tourney. And three actresses in particular are flexing their muscles with another dominating round...Barbara Stanwyck, Bette Davis and Audrey Hepburn.

Stany is about to deliver a knock-out to Norma Shearer


Greta Garbo leads Lillian Gish 40-23
Barbara Stanwyck leads Norma Shearer 58-6
Joan Blondell leads Eleanor Powell 44-19
Carole Lombard leads Myrna Loy 44-20

All the actresses who are winning in this era have comfortable leads especially Barbara Stanwyck who is laying waste to Norma Shearer by the count of 58-6. Babs has been dominating from round 1 and is proving to be one force no one can handle. Joan Blondell is continuing her impressive tourney run, but this round her match is much closer than her previous match. Still she is up by 25 votes. Last round she crushed Ruby Keeler by a winning margin of 70 votes. Greta Garbo has a nice lead of 17 votes over Lillian Gish and my girl Carole leads Myrna Loy by the score of 44-20

Bette looking quite content

Bette Davis leads Vivien Leigh 24-10
Judy Garland and Teresa Wright are tied at 17-17
Rita Hayworth leads Loretta Young 26-7
Gene Tierney leads Lauren Bacall 25-9

Bette Davis is up big on Vivien Leigh which is kind of surprising. I thought this would be a much closer contest. Overall 40's top seed Judy Garland is getting all she can handle from upstart Teresa Wright, as they are tied at 17 apiece. Rita Hayworth leads Loretta Young by a 19 vote edge. And Gene Tierney is dominating Lauren Bacall. What's surprising about this match is that Bacall was leading 9-5 this morning before I left for work. That means Gene has scored 20 straight votes in her favor. That is very impressive.

Audrey appears to waiting by the phone for the latest numbers


Audrey Hepburn 33 to Deborah Kerr 20
Grace Kelly 28 to Marilyn Monroe 25
Ava Gardner 46 to Eleanor Parker 7
Doris Day 36 to Jane Russell 17

Audrey Hepburn continues to set a blistering pace as she leads Deborah Kerr 33-20 in a rematch from last year, which Audrey also dominated in. Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe are in a doozy of a match which has Grace clinging to a 3 vote lead. Ava Gardner is crushing Eleanor Parker by 39 votes. And Doris Day leads Jane Russell quite comfortably.

Diana is positively giddy about her round so far


Natalie Wood leads Shirley Jones 22-19
Anne Bancroft leads Paula Prentiss 25-17
Diana Rigg leads Julie Andrews 32-19
Catherine Deneuve leads Romy Schneider 26-16

Two-time final four finalist Natalie Wood is in a dogfight of a match with Shirley Jones and leads by only 3 votes. Natalie was actually down early in the match by many as 5 votes. Anne Bancroft has opened up a small lead on Cinderella girl Paula Prentiss. Diana Rigg is still going strong in her tourney debut with a 13 vote lead over perennial favorite Julie Andrews. And Catherine Deneuve is about to close the door on one of my final four picks, Romy Schneider.

Voting continues through Wednesday evening.

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Desiree Colson said...

I like the close match between Natalie Wood and Shirley Jones. Go Natalie!


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