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Thursday, March 28, 2013

THE FINAL FOUR begins tomorrow

The Final Four for the 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress will begin tomorrow and I think this year's foursome represents each specific era quite well. These four actresses: Carole Lombard, Bette Davis, Doris Day and Diana Rigg are all making their first final four appearances. In the case of Diana Rigg, it is her debut tourney. I was getting used to see tourney mainstays like Grace Kelly and Natalie Wood being in the final four that it is something of a shock to not see them here this year. But the show must go on and here is the rundown on this year's final four.

Tourney Record 13-3 (through 3 years)
wins so far:
Barbara Stanwyck 36-27
Joan Blondell 39-20
Myrna Loy 61-21
Jean Harlow 50-31
Margaret Dumont 58-7


Tourney Record 9-2
wins so far:
Ava Garder 40-19
Audrey Hepburn 34-32
Jane Russell 54-22
Cyd Charisse 51-17
Vera-Ellen 45-13

Carole has logged 244 votes in her favor in her five wins for a 48 vote average.
Carole leads the final four finalists with most votes gained. Hope that's a good sign.
Doris has logged 224 votes in her favor in her five wins for a 44 vote average. 
So they are pretty close and will go into this match evenly matched.

Tourney Record 10-2 
wins so far:
Rita Hayworth 25-13
Judy Garland 44-39
Vivien Leigh 32-18
Olivia de Havilland 31-13
Jane Wyman 55-4


Tourney Record 5-0 (first year)
wins so far:
Shirley Jones 30-17
Catherine Deneuve 38-14
Julie Andrews 48-20
Angela Lansbury 44-40
Julie Christie 43-19

Bette has logged 187 votes in her favor over five wins for an average of 37 votes per match.
Diana has logged 203 votes in her favor over five wins for an average of 40 votes per match.
Diana has had some impressive wins, particularly over 60's titans Catherine Deneuve and Julie Andrews. She did struggle with Angela Lansbury though. While Bette has been pretty consistent with her only real close match coming against last year's final four finalist Judy Garland.

I will have the polls up early tomorrow morning and will have the matches run through either Monday evening or Tuesday evening. Not quite sure yet.

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