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Monday, March 4, 2013

Classic Movie Actress Tourney Round 1 Update (Miriam Hopkins is disqualified)

I thought I would update everyone on how the matches are going. First up, I have to disqualify Miriam Hopkins. It appears someone has hacked into Blogger and has tampered with the match. I thought that was the case during her play-in match with Mary Astor but wasn't for sure. Well I am now. Right before lunch I had checked the match and Barbara Stanwyck was beating Miriam handily 43-7. Now Miriam leads 51-47. No way did Miriam get that many votes in the span of 4 hours. It's so sad that one person can ruin such a fun event for everyone. So that match is over as Babs moves on to round 2. And now this sheds light on last year's victory by Ginger Rogers. Maybe she didn't win it fairly. But I won't worry about that now as I will solely concentrate on this year's tourney. Here are the other scores for the other matches going on...

Sad news as Miriam had to be disqualified due to poll tampering

1930'S ERA 

Barbara Stanwyck wins 43-7 over Miriam Hopkins (Hopkins is disqualified due to poll tampering)
Claudette Colbert leads Joan Crawford 33-23
Marlene Dietrich leads Ann Dvorak 33-20
Norma Shearer leads Glenda Farrell 28-24
Greta Garbo leads Dolores Del Rio 37-17
Kay Francis leads Louise Brooks 34-18
Gloria Swanson leads Clara Bow 29-26
Lillian Gish leads Mary Pickford 31-21

1940'S ERA

Bette Davis leads Jane Wyman 33-1
Vivien Leigh leads Joan Fontaine 24-10
Ingrid Bergman leads Greer Garson 22-10
Olivia de Havilland leads Katharine Hepburn 18-15
Judy Garland leads Margret O'Brien 29-4
Ann Miller leads Donna Reed 17-15
Teresa Wright leads June Allyson 24-7
Jeanne Crain and Virginia Mayo are tied at 15-15

1950'S ERA

Audrey Hepburn 28 to Pier Angeli 0
Deborah Kerr 27 to Jean Peters 1
Sophia Loren 16 to Anne Francis 10
Janet Leigh 14 to Kim Novak 14
Marilyn Monroe 24 to Mamie Van Doren 3
Grace Kelly 28 to Diana Dors 0
Lana Turner 20 to Eva Marie Saint 8
Gloria Grahame 20 to Jayne Mansfield 8

1960'S ERA

Natalie Wood leads Rita Moreno 34-15
Shirley MacLaine leads Shirley Jones 27-24
Liza Minneli leads Barbra Streisand 27-21
Ann-Margret leads Diahann Carroll 38-9
Catherine Deneuve leads Jeanne Moreau 30-15
Liv Ullman leads Lila Kedrova 32-9
Romy Schneider leads Anna Karina 26-15
Claudia Cardinale leads Giulietta Masina 27-15

 And since I know the scores now of all the current matches it will be easy to deduce if they
get tampered with too. I hope that's not the case. Hope the rest of the tourney will go smoothly 
and fairly.


Patti said...

And we thought cheating only went on in professional sports!

You know, I was shocked (and voiced in my comment) that Miriam beat Mary Astor by such a wide margin. Now, I know why it happened.

Anyhow, hope the rest of the tourney goes smoothly!

Aubyn Eli said...

I'm sorry to hear that someone decided to ruin the fun. Miriam deserved better and so did all the other actresses.


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