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Saturday, March 30, 2013

New polls..same results as Bette and Carole continue to dominate their matches

Due to an unfortunate problem with Blogger, I had to restart both matches of the final four for the favorite classic movie actress tourney. Bette Davis and Carole Lombard were both winning their respective matches and since I restarted them via Survey Monkey, they are still winning. As of 10:30 pm EST, Bette is leading Diana Rigg by the count of 16-3. In the other match, Carole Lombard is ahead of Doris Day 16-4. The matches will continue through Monday evening 6 pm EST. 

Bette was a little perturbed that her match with Diana Rigg had to be restarted...
and now she has opened up a can of whoop ass!

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