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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Round 2 results

Here are the numbers for the other eras just completed.


Rita Hayworth 35-21 over Lucille Ball
Loretta Young 33-30 over Maureen O'Hara
Gene Tierney 37-27 over Claire Trevor
Lauren Bacall 32-32 tie with Ida Lupino

We have our first tie with Ida Lupino rallying to tie Lauren Bacall after being down for most of the match. Desiree will most likely have a tie-breaker question to see which actress will advance to round 3 to face Gene Tierney. Loretta Young made a great comeback to defeat Maureen O'Hara and she will now face Rita Hayworth. 


Audrey Hepburn 46 to Janet Leigh 22
Deborah Kerr 36 to Anne Francis 32
Grace Kelly 57 to Gloria Grahame 11
Marilyn Monroe 35 to Lana Turner 33
Eleanor Parker 36 to Elizabeth Taylor 32
Ava Gardner 46 to Susan Hayward 22
Jane Russell 35 to Debbie Reynolds 33
Doris Day 51 to Cyd Charisse 17

 Two upsets took place in this era as Elizabeth Taylor lost to Eleanor Parker and Debbie reynolds lost to Jane Russell. It was almost three but Marilyn Monroe held on to beat Lana Turner by two votes.


Julie Andrews 41-39 over Maggie Smith
Diana Rigg 44-40 over Angela Lansbury
Anne Bancroft 55-30 over Patricia Neal
Paula Prentiss 58-14 over Tuesday Weld

Those pair of thrilling matches finally came to an end with Julie andrews outlasting Maggie Smith and Diana Rigg holding on to defeat Angela Lansbury. Those two matches have been some of the best of the tourney so far. Anne Bancroft and Paula Prentiss had little trouble in their matches.

Round 3 matches will begin tomorrow in all eras with maybe the exception of the 40's era as there is that tie between Lauren Bacall and Ida Lupino that has to be resolved.

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VP81955 said...

A tourney with plenty of intrigue after two rounds...and even a tie! Looking forward to further action.


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