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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Carole Lombard and Myrna Loy are at it again....

For the third year in a row, Carole Lombard and Myrna Loy are facing each other in a match in the 30's bracket of the favorite classic movie actress tourney. It's become old hat for these two ladies and I got a chance to sit down with them both to talk about it.

Me: Good afternoon ladies. So glad you could take a break to come on here to talk tourney stuff.
I didn't expect you to bring guests though (Seated by the two women are Clark Gable, Charles Laughton and Melvyn Douglas).

Carole: Well we all just came from this dinner party and the guys were interested in this tourney.
Myrna: Yes..especially Melvyn. He kept asking how Greta was doing.
Me: So you girls match is now underway and this makes three years in a row you have faced each other. Is it getting old?
Carole: Oh god no. I love sparring against Myrna. She makes for great competition.
Myrna: Oh, why thank you Carole. But since you have beaten me two years running, I don't know if I'm really that much competition.
Carole: You are my dear. You actually have me nervous. I would have much rather faced Jean Arthur. 
No offense to Jean.
Me: speaking of Jean...both of you had to get by a Jean in your previous match. Carole you faced Jean Harlow while Myrna faced Jean Arthur. Very similar matches and results too.
Carole: yes, me and Myrna seemed to be destined for each other. (Clark raises his eyebrow on that remark)
Myrna: I for one can't wait for this match to be is all so very stressful.

Me: any plans for after the match?
Melvyn chimes in: Oh yes my good man, a huge party like no other. For the winner and loser, we're gonna celebrate in high style.

Carole: Oh really...I did not know that. 
Me: I'm sure that will be some party.
Myrna: Oh yes nothing but the best. All who attend will be drunk and passed out by midnight. That reminds me I have to give Bill a call (William Powell, I assume who she means)
Me: Well I don't want  to hold you guys up any longer. I will let you get back to your fun and good luck to both of you on the match.
Carole and Myrna in unison: Thank you Monty!
Myrna adds: yes for putting us through this yet again....
Clark: I do not envy you Monty..for all the actresses that face one another that you get some blame for that?
Monty: ummm not too much.

Charles: bully for you!
Monty: ummm thank you....

March Madness continues....

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