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Monday, March 11, 2013

Second round update (Day 1)

Three of the four eras started yesterday (the 30's, 40's and 60's) while the 50's will begin their second round on Wednesday due to an issue with the survey site. But are the scores as of Monday evening.


Greta Garbo leads Kay Francis 25-11
Gloria Swanson leads Lillian Gish 21-17 
Barbara Stanwyck leads Claudette Colbert 30-11
Marlene Dietrich leads Norma Shearer 23-16

Garbo is riding roughshod over Kay Francis, but give Kay some credit as this is her first tourney and she did make it past the first round. To beat Garbo would be asking quite a lot of her. Stany is beating Claudette quite handily. I for one thought this would be a much closer match. Marlene has led the entire way over Norma so far but the gap has closed some. At one point Marlene was up by as many as 12 votes. The best match going on by far is between Gloria Swanson and Lillian Gish. Gloria leads by only 4 votes. 


Bette Davis leads Olivia de Havilland 20-6
Vivien Leigh leads Ingrid Bergman 13-12
Judy Garland leads Ann Miller 17-9
Teresa Wright leads Virginia Mayo 14-8

Bette Davis has a surprising large lead over her studio stable mate Olivia de Havilland. Judy Garland continues her strong run as she leads Ann Miller by 8 votes. Teresa Wright quietly is still going about her business as she leads her Best Years of Our Lives co-star Virginia Mayo by 6 votes. The best match going on is between Vivien Leigh and Ingrid Bergman. Leigh currently leads by only 1 vote. Between these two women, they have a combined 15 tourney wins. This match is going down to the wire.


Natalie Wood leads Ann-Margret 24-12
Shirley Jones leads Liza Minneli 27-11
Catherine Deneuve leads Claudia Cardinale 18-16
Romy Schneider leads Liv Ullman 22-11

Three of the four matches have a considerable margin for the leaders. Reigning 60's era champion and final four finalist Natalie Wood is having little trouble with Ann-Margret. Shirley Jones is about to send Liza Minneli home early. And Romy Schneider continues to improve over last year's tourney appearance with her big lead over the very respected actress Liv Ullman. Remember Romy got knocked out in the first round last year. The closest match is taking place between Deneuve and Cardinale, who are only separated by 2 votes in favor of Deneuve. Many might thought this would be an easy win for Catherine but Claudia has been game so far.

These matches continue through Wednesday evening and then the second set of categories matches will begin that same evening. And the 50's era second round will officially begin as well.

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