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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...Vivien Leigh

As I mention her name, the background music swells and the audience all stand up and clap and cheer. The applause is deafening for this iconic legend. The woman who embodied the fiery Scarlett O'Hara seems very small in stature but is undeniably stunning. She is dressed in a long flowing flower printed dress with shoulder straps and black heels. She is kissed by Laurence Olivier, her husband as he guides her up to the stage. As she makes her way to the podium, I start to get nervous and begin sweating because I'm in the presence of this amazing woman. As she comes to the stage, the awards girl helps her up to the podium. She and I meet and shake hands and then she hugs me. I can't believe it. She hugs me. And then she says 'thank you'. I'm like I should be thanking you Mrs. Leigh. And then she says the coolest thing ever..."Please call me Vivien". And the whole time she is giving her acceptance speech, I'm just in awe and can't believe I'm up here with her. This was one of the best moments anyone could have of meeting such a legendary person.

I thought this was a much cooler way of introducing Vivien, my classic movie goddess for the month, instead of the usual bio and facts. Let me know what you guys think because I had a great time writing this piece of fantasy fiction. And I could do something like this each month for every classic movie goddess with different stories. I just thought it was fun and a different thing to do.


Dawn said...

Monty, It was a wonderful way to write about your classic movie goddess of the the month, Vivien Leigh. I will be lQQking for your next month post.


This was very nice of you and Im glad we still have her works, but according to what we really know about her and laurence, the truth seems to be stranger than fiction.....

Anonymous said...

This is AMAZING Monty!!!


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