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Thursday, February 10, 2011

NO STRINGS ATTACHED is a great new romantic comedy, just in time for Valentine's Day

The new romantic comedy starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher is a terrific film. It centers on the relationship between two friends, Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) who meet during junior high at summer camp and meet up years later at different points in their lives including college. Each time they meet, they are either involved with someone else or something else is going on in their lives, i.e. family drama. Well, now in present day, when the opportunity presents itself for them to hook up as sex buddies, they take the leap. No commitment, no love, no relationship, just pure sex. This is great for awhile until Adam begins falling in love with Emma. But Emma is steadfast in her decision not to fall in love which drives Adam away. In the meantime, Adam is dealing with his dad (Kevin Kline) who is a former sitcom star who is still living on that image and royalties. He even had a catchphrase which he still uses to this day...Great Scott! Adam is currently an assistant on a TV series but is hankering to become a writer for the show. He is lusted after by one of the show's producers (a hilarious Lake Bell). Emma is a resident doctor and is dealing with issues with her mom and her younger sister's upcoming wedding. So a lot is going on. And Adam and Emma try to balance everything best they can. It's great seeing Portman in a rare comedic role. She is known for serious drama like Black Swan or sci-fi like the Star Wars prequels. But here she gets to cut loose and be funny and raw. She does have a salty mouth on her and lets loose with several curse words in a hilarious scene as she describes Adam's drunken singing and dancing abilities. Also she has a drunken tirade of her own as she rips into two women who Adam tries to get with it. And Kutcher gives one of his best performances ever. Usually he is goofy and irresponsible in his other films, but here he is level headed and mature. And handles the dramatic scenes perfectly. His scenes with his dad are surprisingly well done. So I enjoyed No Strings Attached with my wife. It's a great date movie and one where guys can enjoy it just as much as the girls. A perfect movie for this Valentine's.

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