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Monday, February 28, 2011

MARCH MADNESS BEGINS Day 1 Round 1 - Silent/1930's Era

Finally it has begun. The first day of my Classic Movie Actress Tournament. I've chosen 64 actresses to compete in a winner takes all contest to see who is the favorite among classic movie fans. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I broke the competition down into 4 brackets: silent/30's era; 40's era; 50's era; and 60's era. The top 4 seeds or actresses are Greta Garbo (30's), Bette Davis (40's), Audrey Hepburn (50's), and Doris Day (60's). I tried to be fair but with only 64 women to pick from, there are several notable actresses who didn't make the list. Such as Veronica Lake, Paulette Goddard, Mary Astor, Kay Francis to name just a few. Maybe I can make amends with them for the next tournament I do. Anyway the first week will be dedicated to the silent/30's era bracket until the final actress is chosen. I have them seeded just like the college basketball tournament, 1 to 16, based on popularity, award achievement, longevity, and acting prowess. And I used the same matchup scheme the basketball tourney used such as 1 vs 16, 4 vs 13, 6 vs 11, etc. And then setting up each match to lead into the next round with a lower seed against a higher seed. Such as the winner of 1 vs 16 will face the winner of 8 vs 9 and so on. You can cast your votes on my sidebar. Each round will have 2 days so please vote quickly. Here are the eight matches to kick off my March Madness tournament. So after the first round, 8 women will have been knocked out. I try to place them in brackets but had some trouble. Hope to have that worked out in time for next week's matches. So I just placed them with pics against each other. Let's have some fun.

1 Greta Garbo VS

16 Gloria Swanson

8 Jean Harlow VS

9 Myrna Loy


4 Carole Lombard VS

13 Ginger Rogers


5 Marlene Dietrich VS

12 Mary Pickford


2 Barbara Stanwyck VS

15 Joan Crawford


7 Clara Bow VS

10 Irene Dunne

3 Norma Shearer VS

14 Marion Davies


6 Claudette Colbert VS

11 Louise Brooks


Renata said...

I just love this!!! Great idea, Monty =)

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

I love it! So sorry that I mist my first chance to vote.. :"( But now I am giving any voice I can give!!! :")


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